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Tragic Twenties

Tragic Twenties

Wearable art.


Tragic Twenties 2017 is a reflection of my youth - ode to the aesthetics I grew up with, and the  people / places that raised me. This year’s collection continues to explore the clashing of hand dyed/ manipulated fibers against nature inspired patterns, pop art, and the hair beads, barrettes, and bollies of worn by young Black girls.


See behind the scenes here.

Photo credit: Aaron Friedlander

Compliments of the Carnegie Mellon Spirit Fashion show


Tragic Twenties 2016 focuses on the mainstream fashion industry's erasure of Black models while appropriating black hair culture. This line uses texture and color to juxtapose the versatility and style of Black hair.  The influence of black hair culture and style on dominant American culture is portrayed by representing iconic black hair products / hairstyles as pop art. The versatility of black hair is portrayed through the use of braiding, twisting, and looping of yarn through/ against clashing textures. The models are masked to represent the erasure of black models while using Black hairstyles. 

Knit masks made by Lynette Ramsay.

Tragic Twenties 1.jpg

Tragic Twenties 2015 collection is a reflection of my neighborhood before gentrification. In this collection I balance beauty and decay by using floral prints against prints of broken windows of abandoned buildings. I wanted to represent the places that I grew up in. Although these places are deemed unworthy to be featured in Pittsburgh's many neighborhood focused magazines, the people here still holding on.