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Inner dopeness and finding my audience.

cindy renee

Alex Rid | 이밋쉘 (Lee Michelle)       A work in progress. 

Alex Rid | 이밋쉘 (Lee Michelle)       A work in progress. 

Tasha Reid | 윤미래 (Yoon MI Rae)       A work in progress. 

Tasha Reid | 윤미래 (Yoon MI Rae)       A work in progress. 

I've come across an abundance of dope black artists on the twittershpere. From naive, abstract, hyper-realist, installation, pop, to good old folk art -- you can find it all. We're in an era of revenue via social media, consciousness of black buying power, and the interest in supporting black owned businesses -- art included.   It sparked an ongoing internal conversation about the definition of black art, being a black artist, and finding your audience. 

 Fan art and pop art are very popular across social media networks, but what happens when you don't use recognizable black people as your sole subject matter?  Are they still inspiring?  Does the work still stir emotion outside of your niche? 

As an active member of Stan twitter -- people don't fuck with my work. As a member of Black twitter -- people still don't fuck with my work. I don't want to spend my time making fan art, and I'm not open to doing commissions either. I often wonder how am I ever supposed to win?  Yet I keep telling myself there's an audience for everything, and that successful people just don't pop off overnight. So I'll keep focusing on what moves me -- observing Black girl magic in other places, and hopeful my audience will find me soon.


Dreams and the loss of youth.

cindy renee

I participated in my first group exhibition last week. It was the dopest feeling. After almost 12 years of pursing being an artist, my success came in the smallest form. 

The tragic thing about being a late-twenties something, is that the whole world has convinced me that I should have my entire life together by now -- and that’s not it. 

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